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Making A Difference

The Gunjur Project Association enables visitors and supporters of Gunjur Project Lodge to make donations that have a real time impact on the local community.

Gunjur Project Association has strong links with several UK and European charities and organisations including The Oyster Trust, the Warrington Wolves Foundation, The Box Youth Project in Sunderland, Cheshire Youth Go Global, Youth 4 Youth Cartouche, Multipercussion in Netherlands, Cheshire Guides, Live in Chester, Disability Africa, Cumbria Social Services, Martec training and Chester Youth Club.

Several European schools including VSO De Hoge Brug in Rotterdam, Bishops High School in Chester, Samuel Whitbread Community College and Wade Deacon School in Widnes have made donations and also been involved in work with Gunjur Project. We are developing links with other UK schools.

In order to achieve our aims we work closely with organisations and schools in the local community including Kajabang Village Development committee, Abubacar Sidique Foundation for Needy and Orphan Welfare, Gunjur Environmental Protection and Development Group, Gunjur Sports Association, Gambia Health Authority Community health care, Gunjur Scouts, Madina Kunkulding Lower basic school, Gunjur Upper Basic school, Mariama Mae Nursery in Gunjur, Madrassa Darul Arkam School in Brikama, Iman Islamic school in Gunjur, St Charles Borromeo Nursery and Lower basic school.

Donations have also been made to other schools and community groups including Gunjur Lower basic school, and Sifoe Senior Secondary school.
Gunjur Project Association has grown beyond all our initial expectations due in full to the generosity of its many supporters and visitors to Gunjur Project Lodge.

A medic outpost has been established in Kajabang – the community health worker, who was trained last year by the Gambian Health Authority (paid for by GPA) is joined by other volunteers to encourage the community to make healthy life choices.

  • Over 100 mosquito nets have been distributed amongst the community
  • Health post is furnished, tiled and decorated
  • GPA has enabled the post to purchase drugs from The Gambian Health Authority
  • Post is fully stocked with wound dressings
  • A solar panel has been installed providing limited power
  • Funding has been found to support local volunteer to receive nurse training
  • A local toilet has been constructed for the volunteers
  • The Gambian Health Authority has included the health post in its outreach programme and recently over 100 children were weighed and assessed and only 2% were found to be malnourished.
  • Gambia Health Authority Community health care have received donations of furniture, stationary and medical supplies through their primary health care community nurse for the area based at Sifoe.
  • Two sessions of eye testing by visiting opticians have been well attended with over 200 pairs of glasses being given out – both sessions were coordinated by AFNOW volunteers
  • First Aid training for community members of Kajabang
    Resources delivered to Fajikunda health centre

Resources donated
A 40’ container full of charitable donations was received early in 2013 sent by the Box Youth Project and Gunjur Project Lodge hosted a celebration event in March where all goods were distributed to schools and community organisations.

  • Multipercussion sent 37 banana boxes full of resources in April 2013. These were distributed by the group when they arrived later in April.
  • Martec training sent solar panels, batteries, lights and a small wind turbine for medical post and they came and installed them in March 2013


  • Kajabang Village development committee
  • Support for the women's garden – with wells installed and fencing – resources given including tools and seeds
  • 2 compound makeovers achieved with mosquito netting on doors and windows
  • Community well made safe
  • Working together with the community to spend a day to clean the environment and make the area cleaner and safer for all the community

AFNOW (Abubacar Siddique Foundation for Needy & Orphan Welfare)

  • Resources donated by Box Youth Project and Multipercussion have been distributed
  • Support for an event for World Orphans day
  • Resources and activities organised by guests at GPL have been received by the Disabilty Play Scheme run by Disability Africa.


  • Rugby training for schools and community from Warrington Wolves Foundation
  • Gambian sport coaches employed and trained in the community with Gunjur Sports Association (Warrington Wolves Foundation)
  • New Kajabang sports field cleared and prepared


  • Gunjur Environmental Protection and Development Group have had help developing their visitor centre
  • Help with hosting Commonwealth West Africa Workshop on Mangroves
  • Volunteers received computer training
  • Funding for volunteers to attend conference on the environment in Senegal
  • Volunteer received funding for training in Tourism

GPA small loan scheme

  • 3 women have received loans to set up small businesses (Jos Poels)


  • Several families have been helped by our benefactors
  • For the last year we have supported twins living in Lamin whose mother died in childbirth (many sponsors have helped this family)
  • Twins born to a poor family in Brikama were failing to thrive and the timely intervention of Anne Salden and others has given them a chance and they are developing well
  • Several other families have been adopted and supported by visitors to GPA

Student sponsorship In the last 18 months our sponsorship programme has grown and we are now sponsoring the education of 118 students and currently training 7 teachers. In addition, the Kajabang village development committee oversee the allocation of 30 free nursery places. Students are identified with the help of the schools and the organisations we work with.

School work

  • Gunjur Upper Basic School: Received resources from the container, help with fixing furniture, support for the science and maths club, sport coaching, first aid training for some students.
  • Mariama Mae Nursery.In partnership with the Oyster Trust - resources received, walls painted, donations made for teachers salaries and professional support given.
  • Madina Kunkulding Lower basic school: Received resources and activities organised by guests at GPL. They also now have a pump providing the school with fresh water (Mrultipercussion) and a roof on the new kitchen (Eva & Veerle)
  • St Charles Borromeo Nursery and Lower basic school: This school was built by visitors from Gunjur Project and over the last 18 months they have received more resources, teacher training, professional support activities organised by guests at GPL.
  • Madrassa Darul Arkam Brikama.Had 3 classrooms built this year sponsored by VSO De Hoge Brug and had a water tap installed so the children have access to clean water (Anne Salden).
  • Iman Islamic school in Gunjur. Had 2 classrooms built – work is almost complete thanks to VSO De Hoge Brug and Andrea Thompson and Lisa Hardy
  • Gunjur Scouts: Received resources for informal education projects, help with uniforms and badges and enjoyed activities organised by guests at GPL
  • Kassa Kunda School: This school has received help with completion of vendors market, emergency repairs to leaking classrooms, resources including furniture and other school equipment, & teacher training paid (CHYGG & Pat Keegan)
  • Summer School: Every year Gunjur Project Association run a free summer school for the children of Kajabang with over 150 children attending. Gambian teachers are paid, resources are purchased with monies donated by volunteers from UK and Holland who stay at Gunjur Project Lodge
  • Donations of resources have also been made to Gunjur Lower Basic School & Sifoe Senior Secondary School.
    The furniture project sponsored by G Khunst has donated furniture to Madrassa Darul Arkam Brikama, St Charles Borromeo Nursery and Lower basic school, Kiti nursery that is currently being built by a Dutch Foundation.

Please note
Currently all work carried out by Gunjur Project Association is done by volunteers and no deduction to donations is made for administration costs. This may change soon as we are hoping to employ a community worker.

Making A Difference

Gunjur project lodge gambia

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