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Available Workshops

We can offer you an extensive programme of workshops to enhance your stay.

We offer African Drumming, African Dancing and singing, Kora and Balafon (traditional instruments). We also have a full range of Afro Cuban percussion instruments including congas, bongos, timbales, clave etc and and tuition in these is also available on request.

Other workshops
Tie and dye, sand painting, batik or pot of drum painting or cooking workshops are available. Whether you want some lessons or a complete specialist week, it is all possible.

A valuable link we have is with the African Living Art Centre who can also offer more in depth workshops / lectures through and at the Gunjur Project on a number of subjects including: Art & life in Africa, African philosophies and symbols of transformation, textile and art workshops and many more subjects.

Prices are on request and depend on depth of knowledge required and number of participants.

African Drumming
We have our own resident djembe tutor and have many links with other musicians and artists. There are many different drums in West Africa. Besides the popular Djembe we offer workshops in Djun-Djun-Da and Sabar. All the instruments we use are made by our teachers or by local craftsmen.

Djembe (pronounced jem bay) has many other names like djimbe, yembe of jembe. It is the most popular deum and isa hand drum shaped like a goblet and covered with a leather (goat) skin. Another name for the Djembe is the magical drum.

Djun-Djun This instrument is the mother drum and has a warm sound and is used to add rhythm and melody to the djembe ensemble.

Sabar: This is a small drum that found its origin in neighbouring Senegal and is often referred to as the royal drums because of their unique sound. It looks like a djembe but is longer and not as wide. The construction is different from the djembe as pegs are used to fix the skin instead of only rope.

African Dancing
There are many tribes in The Gambia who all have different dances and rhythms. The workshops usually start with teaching you the basics followed by one or two tribal dances.

The Kora is a 21 string harp-lute which is built from a large calabash cut in half and covered with cow skin and a large tuning rod. It is played in many countries of West Africa. The players traditionally come from griot families and are called Jali’s they carry the tribal history in their playing and songs.

The balafon is a large African wooden xylophone played with 2 beaters

Tie and dye
We can organise workshops with a local craftswoman – we suggest you bring your own cold water dyes as the local technique includes caustic soda and would not pass European health and safety tests. You can dye cotton material purchased locally or bring a tee shirt or other cotton garment to dye.

When you visit the batik factory you can have a go – or you can take it further and have a ½ or full day workshop with a local teacher.

Sand Painting
This is the art of making pictures using different coloured sand and glue workshop with local teacher.

Learn to cook African dishes

Pot / bean and Drum painting.
These simple workshops offer the opportunity to paint simple designs on local pots and small hand drums that can be purchased at the project. Or you can use beans or calabash that grow in abundance in the area.

At the Gunjur Project Lodge we have a team of skilled Gambian, British & Guinean professionals who will teach you the basics of their specialty or can help you to develop extra skills, depending on your experience.

Opportunities offered by the African living Art Centre.
The depth of knowledge and skills held by Suelle, the artist behind the African Living Art centre is immense. His workshops are more expensive than those offered by the local craftspeople and are more suitable and affordable for groups of 10 or more.

Avaialble Workshops

Gunjur project lodge gambia

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