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Volunteer Holidays Gambia

Thinking about volunteering?

Some of our visitors would like to offer a couple of days or hours volunteering during their stay with us. This may be helping an individual with some school work or reading some stories at a nursery, or if you have a particular skill – sharing it with others.

Some people come to spend their whole time volunteering and that can be in a many ways – from working alongside the community helping with a building project to running a science experiment with the science & maths club; or perhaps joining a sports training session or running an art session in a school – the list is endless. We suggest you bring the resources you require - or raise some project money to fund a project of your choosing. We have a session plan that is available on request.

Your own individual timetable will be planned with you to include different volunteering opportunities – according to your particular strengths and skills.

If you are coming to help with the summer scheme you will work with us and the other volunteers to devise an interesting and diverse summer timetable for the local children.

The Gunjur Project Association is a UK and Gambian registered charity and ensures that your volunteering experience has positive outcomes for all those involved.

You can work with individuals or groups

  • The Kajabang Village Development Committee – who are working to improve the services available to their community. They currently have a small clinic or medic post – staffed by volunteers.
  • They have a women's’ garden which helps them grow crops that will sustain their families. You can work alongside the women pulling water from the well and watering the crops. We are hoping to link all these things to literacy and improved education for all.
  • Gunjur Environment Protection and Development Group (GEPADG) - who are committed to protecting the wonderful surroundings including the Bolong Fenyon (a community wildlife reserve that is a unique wetland area). Practical help with bird hides or seating, improving publicity, renovating the visitor centre is welcome.
  • AFNOW (the Abubakarr Sidique Foundation for Needy and Orphan Welfare), who work to improve the opportunities for over 300 orphans in Gunjur. (A child is deemed an orphan if they have lost both parents or if they have lost their father – the main breadwinner) The foundation attempts to get the children into education and works with the widows to teach them new skills that will enable them to feed their children. Volunteers can work with the widows – sharing skills or run an activity day for the orphans or work alongside the volunteers.
  • Many nursery schools in the area including Kajabang Community Nursery School and Mariama Mae Nursery - here you can read stories, run an art session, paint a wall – the list is endless.
  • Many primary schools including Kassa Kunda Lower Basic School and Gunjur Madina Kunkulding Lower Basic School – once again the list is endless – art workshop, sports development – schools are happy to give children new opportunities.
  • Many Senior schools including Gunjur Upper basic and Sifoe Senior secondary
    Gunjur scouts are always eager to learn new skills
  • For any work with schools or groups, we ask volunteers to fill in a session planning form – so that the school knows what to expect.

Be prepared for an amazing ‘development experience’.


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Volunteer Holidays Gambia

Gunjur project lodge gambia

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