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About Gambia

Introduction to The Gambia

Just six hours flight away from the UK is The Gambia, West Africa’s most accessible, stable and peaceful country. Visitors to The Gambia are drawn to this fascinating country because of its stunning beaches, relaxed atmosphere, charming fishing villages and its huge array of birdlife. At 11,300 square kilometres (about the size of Yorkshire), The Gambia is one of Africa’s smallest and most densely populated countries, with a population of more than 1.5 million.

The Gambia is a popular winter sun destination, with many visiting The Gambia to relax and unwind on the many secluded beaches. Many visitors to The Gambia never leave the tourist areas and stay within a mile or so of their chosen resort.

On this unique trip with Gunjur Project you will have the chance to go ‘off the beaten track’ to experience the real Gambia.Established in 2006 our expert staff have strong in-country links which means you will get to see things you would never see without the support of a true community based project. Offering a combination of opportunities to relax and enjoy the sunshine or explore the area, and to visit community and educational projects, plus some tourist attractions this really will be the trip of a lifetime.

Despite being a popular tourist destination, The Gambia remains one of the poorest countries in the world, with 69% of people living off less than 50p a day. The Gambian economy is dependent on agriculture and tourism. The Gambia is a predominantly rural society with many engaged in subsistence agriculture, while tourism, informal employment and remittances from expatriate Gambians living around the world provide the main sources of income

Gunjur Project has now developed a charity the Gunjur Project Association.
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The weather in The Gambia is subtropical and has distinct rainy and dry seasons. The rainy season lasts from late June to October. Inland day temperatures are high between March and June the average maximum is 34 degrees centigrade, although it can be much hotter by midday.
It is advisable to wear a hat during the day and cool, loose cotton clothing. A high factor sun cream is also essential. There will always be access to plenty of clean drinking water throughout the day. By the coast it can feel chilly in the evenings compared to the heat of the day, so it is good to pack a jumper just in case.

Passports and Visas
Passports valid for at least three months from the departure date are required by all British citizens.

Culture & Religion
The culture is a mix of different African tribes. The most prevalent tribe is Mandinka followed by Wollof, Jola, Fulla and other ethnic groups. Each has their own traditions and language. The official language in Gambia is English. 87% of Gambians are Muslim the rest are Christian and other religions. Each tribe has their own style of drumming and dance which is very important in The Gambia and you will find it everywhere. If you are lucky you may be invited to a naming ceremony where you will see the men in their traditional costumes and the women in their colorful attire which is breath taking and beautiful. Awesome!

The Gambians love their tea ­ but not as we know it. The tea making ceremony of atire making happens everywhere. Made on a small charcoal burner the tea is brewed and strained, with sugar added and the result is a strong sweet brew served in tiny glasses and shared by all.

Please note – any personal prescription medication that you bring should be sufficient for your stay and you should bring a copy of your prescription and keep items in the original packaging

The local currency, Dalasi, We will be able to exchange your sterling at a very reasonable rate here at Gunjur Project. There are cash machines in Gambia that you can use. You will need to travel to Brikama or further into Serrekunda/Senegambia and sometimes they are not working. The machines usually charge around £2.80 / e3.50 to make a withdrawal and you can only withdraw D3’000 / £50 / euro 60 at any one time – so this can be an expensive affair. On arrival in The Gambia, a member of the Gunjur Project team will meet you at the airport and ensure you arrive safely at Gunjur Project

About Gambia

Gunjur project lodge gambia

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Holidays in Gambia

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