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The Local Area

In and around the lodge
Here you will find the typical flora & fauna of The Gambia. Different palm trees, boabab trees, cashew nut trees and many other trees which are home to a lot of birds. Gambia is a paradise for birds and in the area of the lodge you will find many different species from large vultures to tiny sun birds. Many of these birds can be seen whilst sitting in our own garden sometimes drinking and pruning their feathers at our bird bath.

A ten minute stroll
To the beach side fishing area - where you will see brightly painted fishing boats (pirogues) coming and going. The women are waiting and ready to get the catch off the boats, sometimes wading neck high with baskets on their heads before they immediately start cleaning or selling the fish. It is interesting to see how all this is done, especially when they bring a boat to rest on the shore. So many people are helping; it is a real joint effort. In the village you will find a smoke-house where they preserve the fish so that it can be transported up country or exported to other countries.

Either side of the fishing village
You can walk for miles along beautiful unspoilt beaches where you will see the fish eagles diving for their lunch or pelicans riding the thermals. If you want to spend time on the beach there are one or two beach shacks where you can get a cold drink, including the Kaira Kunda Beach bar, or you can stop to have a swim in the warm Atlantic Ocean.

Mandjago settlement
The lodge is situated in an area where there is a Mandjago settlement. This local tribe originated from Guinea Bissau and a lot of them have Portuguese names. They are forest people who can be seen climbing the trees (using only a piece of twine) to collect the palm nuts, cut the leaves or tap the trees to make local palm wine. Take a walk through the tiny village of Kajabang and meet the local people who will greet you with a smile.

Holy rocks
On the beach, towards the south, you will find the holy rocks where an important Iman has been laid to rest. During the day you will see many locals, in colourful kaftans, proceed towards these rocks for prayer and meditation.

Gunjur village
By foot you will reach the centre of Gunjur in about 20 minutes, but with a bush taxi it takes you less then 5 minutes and will cost you 10 GMD (about 26p). The market is centrally located and here you will find the women selling their fresh fruit, vegetables and fish. Meat is mostly sold by men. Around the market there are all kinds of shops that sell food, drinks and other useful items. There are also DIY-shops, tailors etc in the 'shopping street'. Taking a stroll through the village is a nice thing to do and the villagers will welcome you. You will also see several schools and the local soccer fields where matches are played during the weekend. Sometimes a wrestling match is organised. If you have the opportunity to visit one, do so


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The Local Area

Gunjur project lodge gambia

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