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We know that planning your time while you are on holiday is very important. The Gambia has many places to visit and we have put together a list of some excursions that you may be interested in.

Prices (except where stated) Half day excursion by foot with one of our staff as a guide D200 per person By Jeep / landrover Prices dependent upon size of group and places visited. Some estimated prices are given at the end of this section but please speak to a member of staff.

Environmental Walk

Environmental Walk

The guides from GEPADG (Gunjur Environmental protection and development Group) will take you for a walk around the area of the belong (wetland area) giving information about the plants and wildlife in the area.

Best times to go are morning or late afternoon. An early bird walk can also be arranged. Payment is direct to the guide and benefits this worthwhile community organisation.

Minimum D200 per person paid directly to GEPADG

This trip can include a walk round the fishing village where the boats come in and are unloaded and fish are bought and sold. Plus you can visit the smoke houses – where the fish are smoked prior to being transported around the country or you can make this visit on a separate occasion You can also make this visit on a separate occasion.

Snake and Reptile Farm

Snake and Reptile Farm

This place is run by a French environmentalist who is committed to working with the community to preserve and protect the wild life especially the snakes that get killed because of fear.

An opportunity to understand what creatures are living in the area – close up! Entrance fee D200 plus transport

Nursery school

Nursery school

Compulsory basic schooling does not start until age 7 – if the child has not been to nursery – this is the time that they begin to learn English.

All schools work in English the official language of the Gambia – but all the children will speak their own tribal languages. We work with a number of nursery schools including one in our own village of kajabang. There are opportunities to work with the children or help with resources.

Price according to the nursery you are visiting & if transport is required

Guided tour of local area with local guide

We work closely with the Village Development Committee.

One of their representatives will be happy to show you round – take you to visit their compounds and help you to understand the realities of living without electricity and running water and the ways in which the village is striving to develop with a first aid post and a women's garden.

We ask our guests to make a donation of D200 pp for the VDC

Beach Walk

Beach Walk

Gunjur is surrounded by beautiful beaches – take the time for a walk along the shore – enjoying the scenery or finding unusual shells. You can visit the holy rocks a site of significance for Muslims and where a new mosque is being built. Or you can just sit and watch the sun go down. Or you can call in at a beach bar for a cold drink.

Kassa Kunda Primary School

Kassa Kunda Primary School

This school is in a rural area of Gambia – it is a three quarter of an hour drive through the bush to get there. The students and teachers always give us a warm welcome and you can get an idea about the difficulties faced by isolated communities.

Senior School

We work with many senior schools in the area and can organise visits for people interested in education. Mamas Africas art museum.

This place was set up by a Gambian woman determined to encourage women in particular to be involved with art. It is a lovely place to visit with interesting artefacts in every direction.

Batik Factory

Batik Factory

This is a family business run from under a mango tree that encourages women and girls to get involved and sustain their family. There are many batiks on display and other stalls selling artefacts.

Tourist Area

If you wish to visit the main tourist areas we can arrange transport – it is about an hour's journey from Gunjur. Things to do in the tourist area include The monkey park (info below) and the African living art centre (below) are both situated near the tourist area.

If you fancy a night out visiting a restaurant or some bars and a night club – let us know and we can get a price for travel for you depending on your requirements

Monkey Park

Monkey Park

This is in the tourist area and is a chance to see wild monkeys, although sometimes they fail to put in an appearance. NB Anyone feeding the monkeys does so at their own risk – they are wild animals.

Abuko Nature Reserve

Abuko Nature Reserve

Abuko Nature Reserve was the Gambia’s first reserve and today Abuko is The Gambia's most visited tourist attraction. One interesting fact is that it is the nearest tropical forest to Europe.

The conservation of the animals and plants is managed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife Management who are based at the Darwin Field Station for Biodiversity. Their main aim is to protect the location and prevent species extinction: to help fund its activities they charge day trippers an entrance fee.

Lamin Lodge

Lamin Lodge

This is like a tarzan house built alongside a tributary of the river.

Although it is a very peaceful place the monkeys that live around here are liable to steal your food – so hold on to it!

Kachikally Museum and Crocodile Pool

Kachikally Museum and Crocodile Pool

The site is a sacred crocodile pool where people believe cures can be found for a number of conditions.

The museum is very good and the visitors are encouraged to stroke the crocodiles. NB Anyone doing this does so at their own risk as these are wild creatures.

City Visit

Banjul Banjul is the capital city of The Gambia and can be seen from the top of Independence Arch.

Albert Market is very busy and is best for our more intrepid travellers. Plus you may fancy taking the ferry to Bara (on the North bank)- this is an experience – with everyone jostling for space with the livestock, cars, lorries and foot passengers - plus the chance to see whales or dolphins on the journey. The trip takes about three quarters of an hour.

Visit Brikama Market

Visit Brikama Market

This is a normal community market with areas where food is sold If you would like to visit the craft market it is a short drive away from here.


This village a short distance from the Gunjur Project and from here you can see Senegal just over the river. If you are lucky you will meet the oyster women who have collected the oysters from the surrounding mangroves then process them on the bank of the river.

There is a chance to take a ferry (dug out canoe) over to the other side – and a longer trip as well if required around pelican island. There are life jackets available at a hire cost but Gunjur Project would not be responsible for their suitability.

In Kartong there is also a sacred crocodile pool and this trip can be included with a visit to the reptile farm and a bush drive through Berending (a small isolated village) to make a full half day programme.

Sanyang Beach

Sanyang Beach

Sanyang beach, otherwise known as Paradise beach is a short drive away and with beach bars offering sun beds this is a lovely spot for sunbathing.

Every Sunday there is wrestling with teams competing in a drumming , dancing, posing and wrestling afternoon (starts 4pm) So you can enjoy the sun sea and sand for the day/afternoon at the very well run beach bar then enjoy the entertainment provided by the wrestlers..,

Arty Village

Wide Open Walls Gambia is an art based project where volunteers have come from USA and Europe to work with villagers to develop works of art on random buildings.

Plus you can call in at a locally owned lodge that serves nice cold drinks and a chance to sit looking out over the river. Boat trips can also be arranged.

African living Art Centre and Suelle

A place to eat, a place to admire the decor, a place to absorb the atmosphere and if you wish a place to have your hair ‘done’. We call it the Suelle experience. Ask for more details.

Night Time Local Fishing

Some of our staff supplement their income / diet by going night fishing – usually from the shore with a long line complete with many hooks. Can you match their catching skills?

Tanji Museum

This museum represents traditional village life, from a working well to a full group of village buildings complete with traditional artefacts.

There are also working exhibitions of weaving, jewellery making, displays of traditional instruments and explanations about the traditions and customs.


In The Gambia the name Makasutu is a local Mandinka word which means holy & "sacred deep forest". Makasutu Culture Forest is located about 5 km to the north east of Brikama & is a lush green wilderness is fed by a tributary of the Gambia River called the Mandina Bolon.

It is a private eco-tourist reserve which is open to the public for full or half-day cultural guided eco-tours of the forest. Entrance fee is quite expensive


Price Guideline - Based on two people sharing

By CarLength1-2 People
Kartong / Reptile FarmHalf dayD20
Kololi (Tourist Area)Full dayD40
Banjul City VisitFull DayD45
Brikama MarketsHalf DayD25
Lamin LodgeHalf DayD25

Holidays in Gambia

Holidays in Gambia

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